1. All payments are to be made payable to Don’s Trash Please put address & account number on check or money orders, also put return address on envelopes. We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, in office and by phone.
2. A limited amount of contained garbage (bags, boxes, cans or bundles).
 DO NOT TOSS HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE LOOSELY INTO CAN, MUST BE BAGGED OR BOXED. Place garbage at curb by 6:30 AM on your scheduled pick up day (Regardless of the time the driver typically comes through). A fee will be charged for stored garbage (trash stored over 15 days).
3. We do not deduct for missed pickups. If you are missed on your scheduled day, please call our office and we will come back for pick up. Setting out after truck has passed is not a miss.
4. Limit of four bags of YARDWORK a week. (32 Gal. bags) Leaves or grass must be bagged. Only a handful of branches (must not be over four feet in length) will be picked up per week at no cost, and must be set out in only a handful. If you have a large amount of branches that you want taken at one time, please call the office to set up an estimate to be done. Do not mix yard trash with household garbage. Cat & Dog litter goes with household garbage. 
5. Important: all medical syringes are considered hazardous. Please do not put with trash, must wait for landfill to have hazardous drop day. Don's Recycling is not responsible for items left by the cans. Put only items and trash that you want to dispose of by the cans. Please put a note on items, such as old trash cans and storage bins to be thrown away.
6. Don's Trash does not tolerate your neighbors doubling their trash with yours, if so service is stopped and no refunds are due to you. A fee of $25.00 must be paid in order to get service reinstated. THIS INCLUDES SPECIAL ITEM PICK UP, DO NOT PUT NEIGHBOR'S LARGE ITEMS AT YOUR HOUSE AND CLAIM AS YOURS.
7. You are allowed (2) furniture or appliance pick-up a month at no cost (YOU MUST CALL OFFICE TO HAVE THIS SCHEDULED PRIOR TO PICK-UP DAY), if you have more than (1) furniture and/or appliance item you would like picked up at one time, please call the office to set up an estimate. Not all large items qualify as a free of charge pick up. All construction debris such as but not limited to lumber, doors, etc., YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE AND HAVE AN ESTIMATE TO HAVE PICKED UP. All specials (only on accounts paid in full) are to be put out at the curb for pickup by 6:30 am, on scheduled day. A FEE OF $15.00 & UP WILL BE CHARGED FOR ITEMS NOT LISTED. You have to be a customer at least 45 days or have paid for first six months in order to have any specials picked up. DO NOT PUT ITEMS THAT ARE NOT HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE IN TRASH CAN (THIS WOULD INCLUDE BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO FURNITURE, WOOD, METAL, DIRT, ROCK, ETC.)  ALL TRAILER PARKS WILL BE CHARGED AN EXTRA FEE FOR ALL FURNITURE & APPLIANCES UNLESS YOU HAVE OWNERSHIP OF THE TRAILER.
8. In regards to paint, paint must be COMPLETELY dry and left next to cart with lid off. PLEASE DO NOT PUT OIL OF ANY KIND IN TRASH CAN (THIS IS CONSIDERED HAZARDOUS).
9. Refer a customer and receive $5.00 credit on your account. New customer must use your name when calling for service.
10. Roll-out containers must be empty & ready for pick-up on discontinued accounts, or trash will be left behind. If service is stopped because of an overdue account, there will be a $5.00 service charge to replace cart.
11. No refunds on first two months of new service started.
12. Please call office if decal is missing from your mailbox, because the decal lets the driver know that you are a customer.


Guideline/ FAQ


​​​​​How do I sign up for service?

Call our office (910) 893-6873 or (910) 960-0032 where one of our secretaries will walk you through the process. They will ask basic questions to set you up an account and then help you to determine the service you would like. Together a start date will be determined. You can call and set up your service months in advance if you are planning to move into the area, to get one last thing off your mind when you get here! (Note: Depending on the area in which you live, a few months payments may be requested and must be paid either in advance or upon arrival at your house your first day of service and must be paid before receiving your Don's Trash trash can. If you have not received trash can by your first day of service, leave trash by curb in bags and/or boxes by 6:30am)

What time should I put my trash out?

We ask that all trash, recycling, yard work, and special pick ups are set out by the curb, by 6:30am on your scheduled pick up day or days. We advise you not to set it out around the time the truck usually picks up at your house, have it out at the time advised to ensure your garbage is picked up. If your trash can is by your house it WILL NOT be picked up, drivers are not advised to go up to the house unless to collect payment on your first day of service.

How does billing and payments work?

Bills are mailed out at the end of every month and are due the 5th of the following month. We accept cash, checks, money orders, and credit and debit cards. Payments can be mailed or brought to the office, or called in over the phone. If you are crunched for time there is always the option to set it up through your bank to mail a check out for you monthly. Please include your serviced address and account number on all checks and money orders.  

Who do I make checks payable to?

Make checks payable to Don's Trash.

How do Special Pick Ups work?

If you have an item and/or items that are not typical household garbage (washing machines, furniture, excessive yard work, grills, exercise equipment, construction disposal, etc) call the office to schedule a special pick up. Depending on what the item and/or items are, you may need to  receive an estimated cost of pick up. When in doubt call our office so we can best serve you! (Note: Certain items can puncture and/or damage our trucks which is why special pick ups should be scheduled to ensure your unwanted items get disposed of properly with no damage)